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Anti piracy Measures? Protection is a topic of great importance to players when considering playing in a new online casino. The anti piracy measures of New Zealand casinos are aimed at guaranteeing all this. However, with hackers becoming more and more devious, casinos are finding it increasingly difficult to get by and guarantee rock-solid security to all of their players. However, in this cyber fight, the protection tools that casinos use are updated to prevent any intrusion. So, it’s up to who will win out in the end. Let’s discover together the various anti piracy measures that online casinos use.

Casino Anti piracy Measures (Sky Deposit)
Casino Anti piracy Measures (Sky Deposit)

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What Are the Anti Piracy Measures of Online Casinos?

If accreditation is the outward sign that proves to players that a site is reliable. It is only obtained after the licensing agency is sure that all anti hacking measures are in place. The most popular are the SSL and TLS protocols which ensure a very high level of protection. Let’s find out about these casino anti piracy measures as well as the type of protections they provide to players when performing transactions.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

SSL protocol creates a secure channel between two devices communicating over an online network.

Secure Sockets Layer is a fairly simple protocol that does not require much from the user. As for browsers, when SSL is active, this results in the display of a padlock as well as the “https” protocol in the URL. When SSL is active, the padlock on the address bar turns green.

TLS (Transport Layer Security)

TLS is a protocol that guarantees the total confidentiality of exchanges that take place between online users. When a client wants to connect with a server, the TLS protocol ensures that no third party can tamper with or intercept any data. SSL protocol is made up of two sub protocols, namely TLS Handshake and TLS Record.

TLS Handshake allows the client and server to mutually authenticate each other and negotiate MAC and encryption algorithms as well as symmetric keys before any data is exchanged.

The TLS Record ensures connection protection by using encryption methods such as DES.

Infrastructure protection (DoS)

While SSL and TSL security protocols are there to protect players’ personal and financial info. It is important that the physical infrastructure is also protected. Infrastructure refers to network devices such as switches or routers. New Zealand casinos therefore generally make sure to store all their servers in secure places.

The software embedded in each device is updated on a regular basis, and the hardware itself is constantly monitored. For a layman, these measures may seem exaggerated, but some hackers have succeeded in attack services by exploiting device failures. It is clear that for an online casino that manages the data of thousands of players, this kind of disappointment would be a real disaster. 

Other Types of Anti piracy Measures

Apart from the SSL and TSL protocols which are the casino’s anti piracy measures, other much measures are also taken to ensure that all bettors’ data is secure. When it comes to money and online casinos, you can never be too careful. So, let’s learn more about these few methods.

Verify Info

Far from being an intrusion into the privacy of customers, verification of info is a very important step in the process of protecting players. If the objective is to preserve the protection of customers, we must not forget that the threat comes from certain hackers who pretend to be players in order to hack the site and thus steal the data of other bettors. Verifying players’ data makes it possible to filter all this somewhat. So, it happens that the casino asks the player to provide another proof of his ID. This is also one of the most effective anti piracy measures that casinos employ.

Privacy Policies

All online casinos adhere to a privacy policy. It is an agreement that first explains to players how their data is collected by the site. Then, stipulates that the casino will never disclose, at least without written authorization from the player, any info collected from any third party. This reassures the player and lets him know that he can trust the site. Obviously, the privacy policy is only effective when it is backed by concrete actions. Thus, most sites store their data on servers which are in turn stored in high protection places, where the anti piracy measures taken by the casino are no longer a concern.

The Choice of Secure Banking Methods

In the fight against online hacking, all measures are good to take. Indeed, associating with trusted payment options is a superior guarantee of protection, since these already integrate their own protection measures. However, this aspect is not really tricky, because most popular payment methods are also the most secure. Casinos therefore have no interest in choosing a banking option that is not only unpopular, but also presents risks.

What Is the Secret of the Demand for Rigged Games?

There is no type of online content that is not hacked! Casino games are no exception. The games of leading creators like NextGen, NetEnt, BetSoft, IGT are copied by mala fide start ups.

These companies are likely made up of a small group of programmers and designers. After that, these companies sell their games to other casinos for a certain fee. Over the past years, game makers have learned to copy other creators’ games. However, it is not just about the design as the creators of rigged games can change the percentage in favor of the casino so that the players lose their money faster.

The Pinnacle of Gambling Piracy

The golden age of pirated gambling was in the 1990s. During this period the gambling industry was not legal in all countries. This was a real treasure for hackers.

The games were fake and produced by unknown parties.

How Has the Gambling Ban Affected Piracy?

Even with the regulatory bodies specialized in monitoring online casinos and gaming companies, fraud and copying still existed. There are always new ideas to cheat players. However, if you choose one of the trusted casinos, you can rest assured of a completely fair gaming experience.

Players can easily distinguish genuine and fake gambling content. For example, the original game includes a high quality interface, is easy to use, and has sharp graphics.

Furthermore, game companies often publish the overall percentage of players winning the game in the long run. 

Fortunately, you will not find any site on the internet that recommends players to hack or scam sites.

How to Spot a Fake Casino?

Sometimes, it can be difficult for players to differentiate between a fake casino and a trusted one. Here are some things that can help you to detect scams right away, and they are as follows:

Look for the License

The first thing you should check is the casino license. If the New Zealand casino has a license issued by a reputable gambling agency such as:

  • United kingdom
  • Alderney
  • Gibraltar
  • Malta
  • Curaçao

You can rest assured that you are playing in a safe place. You can easily check the casino license by just taking a quick look at the bottom margin of the homepage. There you will find the license committee code and the license number. You can be sure of a fair trial if you find the code for one of these bodies. Then, you can be sure that everything is completely fair and secure.

Testing Certification

There are independent testing agencies that often test fair casino games, such as:

  • eCOGRA
  • GLI
  • iTech Labs
  • BMM Test Labs

If you find the logo of one of these bodies in the bottom margin of the main page, you can be sure that their games are completely fair and all their results are random. However, if the casino does not have this type of certification, this can be cause for concern.

Read Casinos’ Reviews

A great way to check out New Zealand online casinos is to see past players’ casino experiences and read expert reviews as well. If players have complaints about withdrawals or the sluggish platform then it is better to sign up for another casino.

Check Out the Games Producers 

Some of the world’s finest game producers are:

  • Ezugi
  • NextGen
  • NetEnt
  • Play’n Go
  • Booongo
  • Red Rake
  • Playson
  • ELK Studios
  • TV Bet
  • Noble
  • IGT
  • QuickSpin
  • Play’N Go
  • Quickspin    
  • Barcrest
  • WMS
  • Bally Gaming
  • EGT

Those creators have safeguards in place to prevent their games from being pirated by scam casinos. Therefore, if the casino displays the logos of any of these creators, it is likely that it is a completely legal.

The‌ ‌Biggest‌ ‌Hacker‌ ‌Attacks‌ ‌on‌ ‌Gambling‌

Although the protection of online and land based casinos seems to be unshakable, hackers and scammers do not give up easily, especially when money is at stake! Here are the most prominent stories about hackers who managed to get huge amounts of money from land based casinos or online gaming sites.

Red Errol McNeil

On January 14, 1995, Red Errol McNeill made history by implementing the most famous hacking stunt ever in Atlantic City, and the casinos’ anti-piracy systems could do nothing about this sudden and massive win. McNeal placed a 230,000 to 1 bet. After this very risky bet, McNeal was able to win a whopping $100,000 which was never before won in keno in any of the New Jersey casinos.

The manager briefed the player on New Jersey laws which state that any win over $35,000 must be verified. So, the screening officers escorted the winner to the hotel where he was staying. There they met his friend Ronald Harris, who happened to be an employee of the Nevada Control Board, the party responsible for controlling all gaming consoles in New Jersey.

Harris used the secret source code to access the RNGs. Then, iterate the Keno results’ generator, allowing him to pre-determine the results. This scheme thwarted all anti-piracy measures taken by the local casinos!

Code name: Alex

Today, Russian hackers are the most dangerous in the world. They are able to hack any protection system and the anti piracy measures taken by casinos do not affect them. Even many New Jersey, Las Vegas and Macau casinos reject Russian gamblers! However, the hero team of our story managed to hack the systems of some casino games without using any advanced software. Their working style was very simple. At first, they were filming dozens of released groups using their smartphones. Then, they sent the video to another group of hackers in Saint Petersburg.

After analyzing all the patterns, the hackers told their partner when to start playing. They implemented this scheme only by a mobile app! All he has to do is place the phone against the device screen and press the button when you feel the vibration. However, this whole trick applies to old slot machines.

Casino Anti piracy Measures: Conclusion

The world of online gambling is very profitable, because of the millions of players who do not hesitate to bet big sums for fun, before winning. However, in order to achieve this goal, casinos have taken a lot of measures to combat piracy and protect bettors who want to play slots, table games, live casino games or any other games available online. However, signal jammers, algorithms and all the online anti hacking tricks are not always effective against seasoned hackers. But, as mentioned above, tech is evolving, which opens the door to many improvements. 

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