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General provisions

This page contains the data processing policy for our surfers –, the security measure, and the privacy safeguards we take to protect our surfers and users of our site.

  • Our website prioritises respect for civil liberties and human rights when processing users’ data as a condition of our service provision.
  • The terms of the data processing policy mentioned on this page apply to our website (

General definitions used in this policy

  • Website, site, our website, us – ( is a virtual web-based domain-containing readable content, graphic content and private and shared databases.
  • Processing of Users’ Data – Automated processing of demographic and non-personal Users’ data.
  • Erase Data – Temporary termination of data processing (except in cases where processing is required to clarify personal data).
  • Data collection system – the general systems available to any webmaster that allows him to look at the databases of web users in general and his website users in particular. In addition to the information and unique technical means used to process demographic data of users to facilitate the process of reaching the target audience without injuring their privacy.
  • Anonymization of data – actions that make it impossible for the administration ( and any other website to identify a user or access personal data or data other than that which they consent to when agreeing to our Privacy Policy.
  • Data Processing – The process or set of operations performed automatically using computers, including collection, recording, storage, use, blocking, erasure and deletion.
  • Private data – any personal information that can’t be available to the general public, such as passwords and financial account details
  • User – Any person who accesses from any device connected to the Internet.
  • Cookies – These are small text files sent from the Site to the User’s device to remain on it. These cookies are updated every time the User uses the Site, and if the Site is not used for a long time, they are deleted. The basic necessity of these files is to save the device’s data from which the user enters the site to make the display and compatibility process more accessible and more flexible for all users.

The site is allowed to process the following users’ information

Our website uses automated mechanisms to collect and process anonymous data about visitors (including “cookies”) with the help of publicly available statistics mechanisms such as Google Analytics and other methods. collects the following data:

  • The IP address of the user’s device
  • Device type
  • Application browser and version.
  • Screen resolution
  • Browser language.
  • Unit of time
  • Device operating system
  • Purpose of User Data Processing

The primary purpose of reviewing user data is to provide the user with a smooth and flexible browsing experience while maintaining access to all the options that we offer on our platforms, providing all required details, and informing the user of various developments and news via e-mail.

The website administrator has the right to notify users of different services, offers, products and events if the user subscribes to the mailing list. However, users can, at any time, unsubscribe from the news list to not get notifications of the latest products and new special offers.

Anonymous data that we collect in Internet statistics services are used to collect accurate information about the actions of users on ( and improve the quality of the site and its content in general.

Use of cookies at

We use cookies to flexibly display the Site and all its functions on users’ devices. For example, without knowing the screen size, we will not be able to show our website well on users’ phones. If you have any concerns, you can remove or delete cookies by changing your browser settings or refusing the cookie policy when you first enter the site, but this will of course, affect the way the site is viewed and your browsing experience.

Users’ cookies are collected and analysed in order to understand how Users use our Site and what improvements we should make to our Site. For example, we use cookie-analyzing mechanisms and algorithms to evaluate our users’ browsing experience and thus design our advertising campaigns and survey usage trends of our site in general.

Any user can filter the data that reaches us through their browser settings; if the user decides to disable cookies entirely then he will be able to use the site but slowly and inflexibly.

The site administrator will only process users’ data if the user agrees to export this data to us by clicking on the consent link in the privacy policy message that will appear to him upon entering our site for the first time.

The site administrator accesses this data if the user uses browser settings, allowing him to send his own data.

Framework for data collection, storage, transmission and other types of personal data processing

The site administrator ensures the security of users’ data by implementing the necessary legal and organisational measures to comply with domestic and international legal requirements in user data protection.

The site administrator guarantees the complete security of the users’ data and takes all safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to the users’ data.

Users’ data shall not be sold, shared or forwarded to any third party except at the request of law enforcement agencies.

If the user discovers an error in the data, we can send it to the site administrator.

The period of user data processing is not limited, but the user can cancel the data collection process through his browser by clearing the file of the collected data or by sending a message to the site administrator with the sign “withdrawing consent to the processing of personal data”.

The Site takes the following measures to protect the security of users’ information:

  • Access to users’ information is restricted to certain site employees only.
  • All employees who have access to user data must sign user data confidentiality agreements.
  • All partners and third-party companies participating in the site must adhere to user data confidentiality agreements and not disclose personal information for unauthorised purposes.
  • User data is encrypted using the SSL protocol.
  • Data sent from users’ devices is stored on secure servers that are highly protected from unauthorized access.
  • Despite the great care taken to protect the data of the users of our site and the tremendous effort expended in this regard, there is no way to guarantee the protection of players’ data during the process of electronic storage, processing and transmission. However, we reiterate that this information isn’t personal and does not represent anything that may jeopardise users’ privacy.

Final Provisions

If the user has any questions about the way his personal data is processed, he can contact the site administrator via the contact form shown on our website or e-mail, and he will get a response within a maximum of 48 working hours.

This document reflects the current policy for user data processing and is valid indefinitely or until replaced by a new version.

The site administrator has the full right to update the privacy policy as it sees fit to reflect the current way in which data is processed, but in the event of significant changes in the data processing policy (which is unlikely), the site is obligated to announce it on the homepage and notify users of such updates via e-mail and any other platform it deems appropriate in this regard.

Users should check this page from time to time to detect any changes.

Any terms added or deleted from this page shall take effect from the moment they are posted on the Site.

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