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A scratch card is a type of mini lottery. Meaning that it is held on a limited scale, and the participants have high chances of winning, but the jackpot that they can get isn’t considerable. The value of a single scratch card ranges from $1 to $10. Players get a scratch card with its numbers invisible. The result of the scratch card can appear when you scrape the layer that protects the numbers and symbols. Usually you win on your charge card if you collect at least 3 identical numbers/ symbols. There are many similarities between regular lottery and scratch cards. Besides, they both depend entirely on luck and there is no type of skill or strategy involved. In addition, scratch cards offer good prizes for winners.

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You can scratch cards online at several New Zealand casinos. This is a fun and exciting type of gaming. Today, there are several different scratch cards online where the chance of winning can be both high and low.

Scratch cards are popular and loved by many. Online casinos are fast catching up and from 2010 most people have at least one scratch card in their offer. Check out what online scratch cards are at casinos and what it means to then have the knowledge needed to know if it’s something for you.

You can buy scratch cards at all the casinos we have in this list. Read further down if you want to find more information about which tickets are possible to buy at each casino.

What Are Online Scratch Cards? 

Many people have bought scratch cards in a store and scratch the opaque waxy substance with a coin. If you buy a scratch card at an online casino, you have the same but everything happens virtually. To scratch the boxes with the mouse pointer, slide it over the box while holding down the right mouse button.

It may also be that you simply click on one of the boxes to show the underlying number indicating whether a prize has been won in a competition. Although the whole fun of playing it is to scrape the cards, some games include a ‘quick scrape’ option. This option is equivalent to fast spinning mode in slot games. This mode allows players to bet on dozens of cards in just a few seconds without waiting.

Scratch cards at casinos can be very different when compared to the regular slot machines. It is one of several benefits of scratchcards online because you can discover so much new. 

All scratch cards have a layer on top of different winnings that are hidden underneath. If you get three of a kind, it gives you a win and it is one win per lot most of the time.

Online & digital scratch cards do not differ much from the cards you buy in a physical format. The chance of winning is often about the same.

The Scratch Cards Idea & Design

The scratch card is such a modern invention depends on the character of the scratch card, both in terms of the game idea and the design. A scratch card consists of a number of fields with numbers or symbols. These must be randomly generated with computer technology in order to be able to manufacture a larger number of tickets that technology did not really exist until the early 1970s. In addition, the fields must be covered with a protective glued plastic that is easy to remove. Today, latex is usually always used.

Since its premiere in 1974, the scratch cards have been on a triumphant march around the world. The extremely simple game idea (scratch and win!) Together with the opportunity to get a huge sums even on very small bets makes the scratch card a favorite among many. In addition, it is a clear advantage that you do not have to go and wait for the result, as is the case in lotteries, for example. You scratch the lottery and you see immediately if you have won or not.

Scratch cards are available today in all forms, but there is one type of scratch card that is more common than others. This is the type that has nine fields to scratch with a win of three equal. This type of scratch card can also have a so-called multiplier box that can double or multiply any winnings in the regular game.

Scratch Cards Rules & Winnings

The vast majority of scratch cards that you can buy on the internet will have roughly the same rules of the game. It is a matter of scratching out three identical symbols or sums. If you succeed in this, you will get a profit paid out. This means that there are very simple rules that apply when it comes to scratch cards which hardly hurts, why should one really bother about it.

Like many other casino games, it is not really possible to be skilled at scratching tickets. In fact, you have already won, or lost already at the moment you bought your scratch card.

There may be a few different scratch cards that work in different ways. For example, it may be possible to win jackpots at the casino through scratch cards. Alternatively, win a bonus game. More rules about each and every scratch card can be read more about well inside your online casino.

  • Scrape the lot.
  • Collect three identical symbols
  • If you hit a winning combination, the casino will add the winning amount to your account automatically!

Please note that there may be exceptions depending on which scratch card you choose to buy online.

Get Free Scratch Cards!

One of the most common questions asked by both novice and professional players alike is: How do I get free scratchcards? In fact, there is no direct way to do this! But you can get free rewards and credits to use to purchase scratch cards.

Most New Zealand casinos offer their players lots of bonuses on easy terms as a promotional method to attract new players and keep players already registered.

The problem may be that small casinos only offer a welcome bonus upon registration. This is something we think is a shame! However, fortunately, this is not the main stream as the trusted casinos we recommend offer their new players a big cash welcome bonus along with the free spins as well.

You can definitely use the cash balance to bet on scratch cards or any of the other games hosted by the casino. However, it is smart to check out our offers or news to find tips on how to get free playing cards online. Feel free to read more about all the free online casinos in our guide.

Tips for Finding Free Scratch Cards Online:  

  • Review welcome offers at gaming sites & online casinos
  • Get scratch cards for free in return for participating or referring-a-friend.

Play Scratch Cards With Bonus

Nothing is as fun as playing with bonus money, as a player you can enjoy an extra long playing time through the bonus. Maybe you have taken advantage of a match bonus that gives 100% extra up to your deposit amount. When you have finished playing with your real money deposited, you can simply continue to drive for a while longer in the casino lobby. In addition, you have extra chances of winning with your bonus. Admittedly, all casino bonuses have wagering requirement. However, it is not something that is impossible to meet and it actually goes pretty fast, although the sum may feel a little too big at first.

Does the Regular Casino Bonus Work?

The question then is whether you can use the regular casino bonus on the scratch card offer? Absolutely, that’s exactly what you can do in most cases. Even when it comes to wagering requirements, it is usually fine to wager bonuses on both slots and scratch cards.

Welcome Bonus & Scratch Cards

A very common type of bonus is the welcome bonus that new players can take advantage of at a new NZ online casino. When you register a gaming account, you can choose to take advantage of a welcome bonus, which is of course a free choice. The player always has the opportunity to play without taking advantage of the bonus. To be completely sure that the bonus applies to the festive cards, take a quick look at the rules and conditions that apply to the bonus offer.

The welcome bonus usually consists of a match bonus, which gives the player a sum of bonus money to play for. The second part of the welcome offer can be a certain number of free spins for pokies

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Turnover Requirements

It can seem a bit cumbersome and difficult, when rules and conditions come into play regarding casino bonuses. We still want to do a little deep dive when it comes to turnover requirements for bonuses. Taking part in and playing with bonuses online is fun and you can also win the bonus money. When it comes to bonuses, this is not cash but a form of play money that you have chosen to call bonus money. In order for the player to be able to request a bonus withdrawal, he must meet the wagering requirements first.

Turnover requirements are something that varies greatly, depending on which casino you choose to play at. However, it is more a rule than an exception that the bonus you receive is conditional on a specific wagering requirement.

Let’s take a small example to explain in a simpler way:

  • The bonus offer gives you 100% up to NZD 1,000.
  • Say that the player deposits NZD 500 and takes part of the bonus – this means a bonus amount NZD 500 – do you agree?

It sounds like an incredibly high amount, but usually it is quite quick to turn over. Be sure to check which games count towards the wagering requirement, so that you do not play in vain.

What Are the Different Scratch Cards Online?

At online casinos, bingo sites and other gaming sites, there is usually always a huge selection of scratch cards in all forms. Some scratch cards online have traditional old themes while others have more imaginative designs. On the other hand, some can even be classified more as mini-games / arcade games than scratch cards. However, the game idea is usually always the same. You must get three identical numbers or symbols to take home a win.

One of the advantages of scratching lots online is clearly the large selection. Simplicity and convenience are two others. In addition, it should be said that the chances of winning are better when scratching lottery tickets online compared to when scratching “real” tickets.

No matter which game developer you prefer or are curious about, you can probably find scratch cards made by them. NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Neogames and many more have developed several lotteries at our disposal. It’s everything from the usual 3 Γ— 3.

Scratch cards for less common layouts where you throw darts or for a rabbit in an underground orbit using dice. All are lotteries of some kind and they are often in the same category.

All of the above game developers have good scratchcards with high chances of winning that are worth trying to play on. Because only the imagination sets the limits, you can find many fun and different scratch cards. Let’s take a look at some of the different scratch cards that are available in many different online casinos today.

Wolf Gold

The game maker Pragmatic Play was a success with their slot machine – Wolf Gold slot. This success led to the expansion of the theme and name into scratch cards. This scratch card contains several big wins. Among the symbols that you scratch out, you can also win new scratch cards.

You can initially choose how many tickets you want to buy. The prices for the tickets are discounted for you who want to buy many at once. Which means that the unit price can go down by 10-20%

Golden Island

This scratch card is different in that you get to choose one of three treasure chests. Only one of them has a price within it and the others have sand. The positive thing about this lottery is that you have a one-third chance of winning. The downside is that you have to choose the wrong combination every time. With other scratch cards, you have a lottery that is already designated to win or lose. Golden Island gives you the chance to choose between two raffle tickets and a winner.

Triple Wins High Roller

Try a scratch card with a jackpot in addition to the usual winnings? This scratch card has three times three squares and a multiplier that may multiply your winnings that you have scratched out. It is like other scratch cards designed for you to scratch one box or all at once. If you get 3 equal sums, you win that sum.

If you scratch out x1, x2 or x10 in the box for the multiplier, you get the win times the amount shown. But if you are lucky enough to scratch out three wilds, you get the current jackpot that is constantly growing until a player wins it.

A fun and exciting card that the leading game developers at NetEnt have made. There are also several versions of Triple Wins such as Bronz and Star Ticket after Triple Wins. Keep an eye out and maybe find even more.

7th Heaven

7th Heaven is a scratch card game released in 2010 by the emerging developer, NeoGames. Despite a slightly complicated visual layout, it is probably an easy game to play online. All you need to do is choose the amount you want to bet per line, as well as how many lines you want to play per round. As the name may have already revealed, you have a total of 7 lines to play on. The goal is to get 3 7s in the left column and then the winnings will be scraped out.

Football Mania

This is a scratch card where you need to match a square with the prize in football next to the square pattern to win. You have a nice lot that has some of the familiar from scratch cards and some new to enhance the experience of the lot. Here you have Playtech as a developer and they are many other scratch cards in addition to Football Mania.

Diamond Strike

Another scratchcard that comes from Pragmatic Play is Diamond Strike. This scratch card gives a luxurious feeling where the value of your winnings can be paid out at the same level as diamonds. In the scratch card, you scratch out many classic symbols for casino games. It is cherries that symbolize the smaller gains. The max win of 100,000 euros is of course symbolized by a large diamond.

3 Wow

A veteran of the online scratch card offer is 3 Wow , which was already up and running in 2009. The game developer here is also NeoGames, who absolutely has a love for scratch cards! The layout is like a roller coaster, 9 fields and you need to get 3 of the same amount for it to be a win. The difference from the good old Trissen is that 3Wow is a bit cheaper.

Online Scratch Cards Advantages

There are several casinos that offer scratch cards in their lobbies. It is one of the fastest growing type of game after bingo online. Reasons why this is the case, but the three main ones are that scratch cards are:

  • Easy to play
  • You will find out if you have won immediately
  • You can win a huge amount on a small effort

Precisely the last two factors make many people feel that scratch give a real dose of excitement. The lottery ticket you buy in the store can hide a big win! The small piece of paper you give away to mom or dad as a gift can give everything from a grant for the holiday trip to amounts that create financial independence.

There are few other more traditional games that have such a direct link between the bet itself (the purchase of the lottery ticket) and any winnings. In lottery games, you have to wait for the weekly draws and the same applies to various betting games.

In the majority of casino games, there are clear limits to how much you can win on a single spin (for example, 100 times the bet or 50,000 coins), but for scratch-cards, the possible exchange is much larger than that.

Profits & Returns

There is one thing that is important to know when considering buying a scratch card, and that is that the payback, that is, what the organizer pays back in winnings, is relatively low for this type of game. So, what is the return then? The answer is that it depends on the RTP.

If you scratch a card at online casino, you can expect to receive a refund of between 85% – 90%. If you participate in a lottery instead, the payback is significantly worse, namely 49%.

How much there is to win on a certain scratch card must always be stated in an established winning plan. If you scratch in the real world, you can normally see the winning plan on the back of the lottery. If you scratch online, you should be able to easily get the winning plan with a click or two. The only exception is if the lottery has a growing jackpot or if certain winnings depend on a second round of play of some kinds.

Best Game providers

There are some of the major gaming providers that offer scratch-cards in their suite. Some of them are Playtech and also Realistic Games. Swedish developer, Netent, also has a range of tickets, but with their own little specific twist. An example of such a classic scratch card is Tribble, where you have nine fields to be scratch. Then select an optional tool and start scraping. Of course, you can also scrape all the windows at once if you want and if patience runs out. Try sweet Snake and Ladders from Realistic – a new and different scratch card variants.

The History of Scratch Cards

The history of the scratch card is relatively short. It begins in the early 1970s. Admittedly, there were handmade scratch cards before, but it was in the 70’s that the lottery got its breakthrough as they became computer-generated and thus easier to produce.

Scientific Games was the first company to pioneer the more modern scratch cards. The founders John Koza and Daniel Bower then developed a very rudimentary lot without direct profit based on mathematical models. The models allowed Scientific Games to mass-produce tickets with a winning plan based on a predetermined payback.

The first loads of scratch cards were not a great success as the players had to wait several days to see if they had won anything. The inventors then further developed the concept and invented the modern scratch card with just one “scratch element”. The success was almost immediate and the scratch card spread quickly across the country.

Koza’s and Bower’s invention revolutionized the gaming world in the late 1970’s and it also laid the foundation for a bit of a world domination for Scientific Games. The company is still a giant today and it owns, for example, the gaming giant Williams Interactive, which has long been a leader in the manufacture of real slot machines and in recent times has also become one of the big providers of online slots.


The scratchcard has been loved for a long time and we can probably be sure that it has come to online casinos to stay. Playing at new online casinos gives you choices you could only dream of before entering online casinos. With many options available, you have many hours of entertainment.

You have a greater chance of winning with a virtual scratch card and you also have the choice to buy a cheaper ticket. All you do is set your bet to the lowest. But even if you play with a higher bet, many scratch cards at casinos are cheap with prices around NZD 1 – 5. Because you get many bonus features and different game plans, the price is low compared to regular lotteries.

Like all online games, the risk of playing too much is present in everyone. Despite restrictions on the part of the casino, they are only effective if you as a player activate them yourself. Many people do not know that they themselves are susceptible to abusing gambling games.

For a small sum, you can get a lot of game fun and scratch cards are a well-established game that has given joy for a long time to many people. Scraping cards online today is a normal step as many things become virtual. Test a scratch card and feel how the joy of the game flows!


Can scratch cards offered by New Zealand casinos be rigged?

As for the casinos we recommend to you on our site, the answer is: Big no! If you sign up for a licensed or regulated casino, you don’t have to worry about gaming fraud.

How do virtual scratch cards work?

Just like other casino games, Scratch Cards relies on a random number generator (RNG) to display the card symbols. This means that the results of your charge card are completely random and are only controlled by a computer that cannot save results or display preset results.

Is there a minimum limit for bets?

Yes, there is a minimum limit for bets. However, due to the low cost nature of virtual casino games, these games cannot be expensive.

How long is the game?

The online scratch card game does not last more than 30 seconds. Some games have an auto-play or quick-scratch feature that you can activate to enjoy a faster pace of gameplay.

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