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Safe Online Casinos (Sky Deposit)

More and more NZ players are discovering that playing in a casino online is not only great fun and relaxing, but also often rewarding. More and more people are therefore choosing to open a player account at an online casino instead of visiting a land based casino. One of the first questions that often comes to their mind is the question: “How safe is playing in an online casino NZ anyway?” Here is the safe online casino NZ guide.

Best list of Safe Online Casinos in New Zealand

Last updated: May 2024

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King Billy Casino
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Katsubet Casino
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4.8 Casino
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Gamblezen Casino
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Hell Spin
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WIld Tornado Casino
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100% The player's deposit benefit is 50% up to € 200 plus 20 fs.
Spin Rio
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The answer to that question depends on the type of casino you play at and the conditions under which you play at the online casino. Also, it is important that not only players handle all kinds of data that you provide to the online casino properly and carefully, but that the casino also does this.

In this guide we will give you all the info you need to know about reliable top 5 New Zealand online casinos and how to sign up and play at them with complete security. Furthermore, we will explain of the most prominent security challenges that faced the virtual gambling industry in the past and how you overcame them.

In this regard, it is worth noting that these security challenges have become a thing of the past and the industry has already succeeded in overcoming them allowing it to grow, develop and reach the place it is now.

Are casinos reliable?

The simple answer is ‘YES’. They are generally large organizations. Like any business, they have to make a profit. Casinos do this by offering a game of chance. They have to acquire players and retain them. If customers don’t come back, for whatever reason, the casino won’t be able to make any money.

So they invest in equipment and ambiance. They create an environment where the customer knows they can play it Safe Online Casino NZ. Finally, there are still laws to ensure that it is fair, both in the land-based casino and online.

Online Casinos License

Any iGaming company cannot set up a casino quickly. Besides the need for large capital, the company must obtain a license from the responsible gambling agency. The casino’s license indicates that it meets all Safe Online Casino NZ requirements. Therefore, licensing, as a single factor, guarantees you a fair gaming experience regardless of other factors.

Most NZ casinos have a casino license from a national gambling authority in Malta, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar or Curacao. These countries offer online casinos flexible rules with regard to starting an online casino. However, they also have strict conditions that must ensure players’ protection. 

The casino license must be clearly visible on the home page. It is possible that a casino is located in Sweden, for example, but uses a Maltese casino license. This is because, for example, in Sweden it is much more complicated and expensive to start up an online casino. When choosing an online casino, you should therefore first make sure that the casino has a license. You can then check on the website of the gambling committee whether the license number indeed corresponds to the casino of your choice.

What Organizations Check the Reliability of the Online Casino?

Besides licensing agencies, and audit institutions, there are also plenty of other parties that work to verify the security and reliability of the casino, such as:

  • EGBA – European Gaming and Betting Association
  • ESSA – Integrity of Sports Betting
  • RGA – Remote Gambling Association

Secure Payment Methods in Safe Online Casino NZ

Online casinos are commercial companies that seek to make money. Therefore, processing player payments quickly and Safe Online Casino NZ is the key to its success. Since players have different preferences for financial means, reliable casinos should support a wide range of financial means. In general, bank cards are the most used, however, e-wallets are a popular medium among players all over the world. You will most likely see the following financial means at the casinos we recommend to you:

  • Visa/ MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank transfer

Since online casinos adhere to the AML protocol, they require their customers to use the same means to make your deposits and withdrawals, you need to use one method to work in two directions. However, if you use a method that does not support withdrawal, you can get your money via bank transfer.

How a Casino Manages Your Money?

In addition to ensuring a safe online casino NZ transaction, good rules about how to store your money make it even more secure. For example, under Malta’s gambling license, casinos must create a separate account for each player and player balance must always be completely separate from the casino’s own funds. This way you always know for sure that you have access to your money and that financial problems for the casino do not affect your money.

Casinos Encrypted Connection

When you surf the web you can see for every page whether the page is safe online casino NZ or not. In your browser, such as Chrome, you can see this by clicking the lock to the left of the search bar. In the case of chrome, this is even safe. If this is not the case at an online casino, then you should ask yourself whether you want to take a gamble there.

You should not think that someone else will run off with your data. An online casino should have the highest security imaginable when it comes to a website. In addition to the green lock, you can check the security by checking whether https:// is before the casino’s URL for a reliable online casino.

In addition to the fact that the connection should be secure by means of encryption, there is another security that must be met: this to protect consumer credit card details. This is also called: PCI DSS security standard.

How Safe Are the Games You Play in an Online Casino NZ?

In an online casino you can sometimes play hundreds of different games. Those games are not made by the casino itself, but by special game creators. They rent out their games to the casino, as it were, and they also receive a certain percentage of the profit that the casino makes with each individual game. Not only online casinos must have a casino license, also game studios involved in making casino games must have an approved and valid license. Often game creators have licenses from different countries so you can play their games in almost any online casino anywhere in the world.

In addition to the fact that the games must meet the requirements set in the license and for gambling taxes, many game studios have their games checked by a third party. In this way they offer the online casinos and their players the guarantee that the games have not been or cannot be tampered with. As mentioned, all games are played via a secure connection. Therefore, it is not possible to influence the games from any other third party. 

Collect All the Info Available About the Casino!

The fact that a casino has been around for a while does not have to mean much in itself, it must have a long history without many players’ complaints!

Search engines don’t exist for nothing: you can really look up anything! So, it is also possible to ‘Google’ an online casino. If it turns out that an online casino receives a lot of complaints, you as a player have to guess before wanting to play here. Read the complaints carefully and draw your conclusions.

Do you have a complaint about an online casino, leave it on the Onetime forum!

We do want to protect you from online casinos that only have a few complaints: you do not have to give up immediately. It turns out that players often make mistakes themselves by not reading the general terms and conditions properly, which means they make mistakes with deposits or address details. The result may be that a casino is a bit later with paying out. So you shouldn’t jump to conclusions right away.

Casino Prizes

Another criterion for the excellence of some brands is the awards they have gained. When you find pictures of prizes on the casino website you can assume that the casino is reliable and safe online casino NZ of course. However, sometimes this logo can be fake! It is therefore recommended to check the certificate by clicking on it and going to the award granting website to make sure that the casino has obtained it.

Prizes are awarded to suppliers from across all the major egaming disciplines, such as:

  • Betting and gaming software
  • Networks
  • Mobile
  • Payments
  • IT

Preparation of the Online Casino

At a physical casino, the preparation is obviously different from playing online. If you go to a physical casino, it starts with choosing your means of transport and determining the route. With online gambling you stay in your own environment and you can immediately start with the real preparation.

The things you pay attention to are roughly the same as when assessing a car garage, restaurant and brown and white goods stores. You look at the existence history, reviews from other users, payment options, and bonuses.

Reliability of Casino Games

An online casino has several games in its lobby. This can be anything, but the most common games are:

It is of the utmost importance to the player that everything is fair and the games are reliable. But how do you know that this is the case?

Which Game Developers do the Casino Collaborate With?

The online casinos often have not designed the game themselves, but buy it from third parties. These are often listed companies that do nothing but design games. Because of the stock exchange listing, these companies are bound by all kinds of rules, which already offers a first handhold.

Some large and famous game providers are:

  • NetEnt
  • Betsoft
  • NextGen
  • Ezugi

You will find NetEnt and Betsoft in every online casino and have a very good reputation.

Players can run and play the games in the casino but it is wholly owned by the game maker. As a result, the casino cannot influence it. It is completely independent in this respect. To make sure that the game is reliable, all you have to do is go to the game maker’s website and not to the casino.

RNGs of Casino Games

In every casino there are players who suspect that the casino plays an active role in the results of certain games. This suspicion is no different at an online casino, but because you play with virtual games, it is technically easier to tinker with the outcome. After all, it is more difficult to send a roulette ball in a certain direction than to reprogram a digital slot.

To ensure that this does not happen and that the outcomes of a game are indeed random, the Random Number Generator (RNG) is of great importance. This ‘random number maker’ does just that: make sure all outcomes are completely random. This makes the RNG the most important indicator of whether games are reliable. 

Gambling Addiction Prevention

An online casino is of course created to make money. This does not alter the fact that it should be done in a decent way. Besides the fact that an online casino should be safe online casino NZ, gambling addiction prevention is also one of the pillars that shows that an online casino is serious about it. So not only serious about making money, but also protecting its customers. Prevention can be recognized by things such as:

  • Max deposit amount per day/ week/ month
  • Exclusion from participation in the game for a certain period
  • In-game warnings about losses
  • Independent Audit institution approval

Privacy Policy

If you want to keep an eye on what a casino knows about you, you can go to their privacy policy. Here it is described in any case in which ways the casino collects data about you, what they do with that data and with whom they share it. This often also states how (safe online casino NZ) the data is stored. Under the European GDPR legislation you have the right to view your data and, for example, to request that the casino delete this data.


Marketing is an integral part of any business. Although the commercial companies offer simpler ads such as “get two for one” or “try the new flavour,” online casinos have other approaches. For example, “Get a 100% bonus on your next deposit” or “Deposit $100 and get $200 in your account”. This way, the casino can attract more players and retain them for a long time. So, in the same way that supermarkets tempt you to buy as much as possible, casinos use the same method to entice you to keep playing. However, casino games are a matter of luck. The player cannot always win. Furthermore, the longer a player bets, the higher the chances of losing. This is simply related to all games of chance: casino and lotto where luck largely determines whether you or another player will win. But this does not make the casino unreliable.


There are examples of cheating throughout society. When it happens in a casino, the media often shows up with great enthusiasm. This is because casinos, from the past, are still linked to crime. But as mentioned, casinos are large and censored establishments and therefore you cannot cheat. Furthermore, at least licensed casinos are subject to constant supervision by the regulatory authorities.

However, this does not mean that cheating does not occur. Most examples of this go back a long time. But even recently. For example, a casino was fined for not keeping its promise as the company promoted 100% RTP on a game which turned out to be only 96%.

Therefore, most online casinos include fair games, at least the trusted ones we recommend to you.

Crime and Online Casinos

Casinos have always been a popular place for criminal activity and it’s no different online. Partly because a casino is a great place to launder illegally obtained money, casinos (also by order of governments) are very strict about where your money comes from and who is behind your account. In fact, you will find rules in all casinos to prevent money laundering and the management of funds for terrorists (in practice, just the same).

Money Management Rules

Under licensing rules, casinos do not store your funds in the operator’s account, and players’ deposits are kept in a separate account to protect them from any bankruptcy that the casino may incur. This is clearly stated in the casino’s terms and conditions.

The second point that you should pay attention to is the max deposit. In most cases, the casino will not allow you to deposit more than 500 euros. Also, you will not be able to withdraw your balance immediately after depositing, you have to leave it for a while and then withdraw it again. Furthermore, there is often a minimum bet of 1x for all the money you have deposited yourself. Note that this requirement is separate from the wagering requirements for the bonus.

Know Your Customer

A term that you come across a lot at casinos is Know Your Customer. Some casinos pretend that this is a service, but this is really about countering illegal practices. Just as you cannot open a bank account without the bank knowing exactly who you are, the casino must also keep a close eye on who has an account.

The moment you want to withdraw money (certainly from a larger amount), you must therefore prove that you are indeed who you say you are. You can do this by sending a copy of your passport along with an invoice sent to your home. With really large amounts, conversations are even possible. These are rules that can seem cumbersome at times, but are intended to keep crime away from casinos:

Your Own Responsibility for Safety

Of course, all casinos should be reliable and safe, but unfortunately that is not the case in practice. In addition, even in the safe online casino NZ you have a clear personal responsibility. No security measures can stop you from sharing your password over the phone with a cybercriminal. In addition, you are also the one who chooses the casino and deposits your money there.


On this page we have discussed all about your protection and privacy at online casinos and sports betting sites. Security is not an issue for the sites we recommend to you. All our recommended casinos have been carefully tested by our team. If you want to go your own way, there are a few things you should consider including security protocols, terms and conditions, privacy policy, casino prizes, and other standards.

FAQ About Safe Online Casinos NZ

How to avoid rogue online casinos?

Avoiding rouge gambling sites extremely important. So you have to spend more time to find reliable casinos. Unfortunately, these sites are hard to avoid if you don’t know what to look for in the first place. There are some red flags that you can quickly spot to spot rogue sites. For example, there is no indication of the casino license or the license it holds cannot be verified. If the payments for certain games are different from one site to another, this may be a sign of pirated software.

Are online casino apps safe for real money gambling?

There are a lot of players who think that computers are more secure than smartphones. However, this is not always true! Mobile casinos offer the same level of security as computer casinos. All the casinos we recommend offer mobile compatible platforms. You can access the casino website from your smartphone the same way you use it on a computer.

What can you do to keep your data safe at online casinos NZ?

There are some simple tips that you can apply to keep your data safe at online casinos NZ. For example, you need to update your device. In addition, you must use a secure and private Wi-Fi or access the casino using the 4G network. It is also important that you choose a strong password, change it regularly, and do not share it with anyone else.

What are the solutions to the problem gambling that gambling sites apply?

There are some prevention techniques that every self respecting gambling site should offer. For example, auto play loss limits, controls, self exclusion, and low deposit limits.

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