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Gambling can be a fun leisure activity as long as you play with limits and know how to play safely and responsibly, as we always hope! To help you to have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience, we have created this website to provide you with all the information you need about New Zealand online casinos, lgames, bonuses, payment methods, and more.

Each of our pages contributes to the comprehensive picture of the perfect gaming experience that we hope our readers can get at the trusted online Addressee we recommend to them.

We are a team of experts with different backgrounds, but our common goal is to provide comprehensive, accurate and impartial information about virtual gambling. All of our content is of high quality, and you can judge for yourself by checking out our site!

Each of our editors is an expert in their field, aiming to present their most delicate information to our readers, this way surfers can get a panoramic view of the gambling industry and always choose the best options.

We know that experimenting for research purposes can be stressful and not fun at all for gamers, so here we are! We try all the apps, financial methods and casinos ourselves to discover the best and present it to our readers on a plate of gold. You do not need to rely on the principle of “trial and error” to discover your favourite games as we will give you straight away the best extracts of our experiences.

Despite our cultural differences, we all started out as casual players (just like you!). We know how much fun and profit gambling can provide to casual players as well as veteran casino players alike, and we also do not overlook the harmful effects of gambling on the individual, those around him and society, so we remind our readers of all our pages of the need to adhere to the principles of responsible gambling.

Although our fields of work are different, we have the journalistic knack for discovering the exclusive and spotting trends. Our site editors have resources on top online casinos, pass on secret casino bonuses and recommend the best games for you in terms of entertainment and winnings. Therefore, our site will keep you up to date with the latest trends in the industry, which will certainly reflect on your casino results and winnings.

Our main goal: recommend great casinos to players

Although our site contains comprehensive gaming guides, how-tos, and gaming reviews, our mainstream content is casino reviews. For us, choosing a good casino is the decision that determines half of the quality of the gaming experience, and the other topics complement the other half.

Can you imagine how bad a gaming experience a player can get from an unreliable casino? Of course, we don’t want you to have such an experience, so we don’t recommend any casino until we’ve tested it ourselves for three days. Then, we submit a review of it on our site.

Our reviews cover all aspects that affect the players’ experience, including platform design and ease of navigation, rewards and promotions, gaming, payment methods, customer service, and more.

All the online casinos we recommend to our players have been tested and verified for their safety and security. Our number one goal is to provide objective, accurate and helpful reviews for novice and expert players alike. Every piece of information we provide to our players is well verified, and we also guide our readers on ways to verify this information themselves.

There are a lot of things we evaluate and review when writing our reviews, and they are as follows:

  • Licensing and Regulations – The factor determining whether we will review a gambling site or ignore it is having an active license from a reputed legitimate authority.
  • Safety and Security – Every gaming site must implement full security by holding an activated and valid SSL certificate.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals – In addition to offering a wide range of financial methods, the gambling site must quickly process financial transactions without deducting any transaction fees.
  • Wager Requirements – The real value of casino bonuses lies in wagering requirements, not the amount. In terms of bonus size, everyone is tempting, and the actual value of casino bonuses lies in the conditions attached to them, particularly the wagering requirements.
  • Rich selection of games – The casino should cooperate with the world’s leading developers and offer a versatile package that includes slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and other games.

While these standards are great and guarantee you an excellent gaming experience, your safety is always our number one priority, so if you have concerns about anything related to online gambling, feel free to contact us now.

Our principles

  1. Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is at the heart of our business, a foundation that we cannot compromise under any circumstances. That is why we focus on the protections and support options that gambling sites offer players in all our reviews. In addition, we are always educating and informing players about responsible gambling. We believe that only an informed player can be a responsible gambler, so we provide all the educational materials and explanations needed by any casino player.

  1. Legitimacy

Legitimacy is the basic framework for our work. We cannot compromise our reputation or stand among New Zealand players, so we recommend only safe and legitimate casinos to players. We want to make your gaming experience completely safe and legal, so we only recommend well-licensed casinos that deal with world-renowned game developers.

  1. Honesty and independence

You will never find a sponsored or paid Casino review on our website. Quite the contrary, we give our reviews of good casinos free of charge and strive to provide you with unbiased insights and information while keeping everything wholly transparent and honest.

  1. Data-oriented

We do not rely on our personal opinions or gambling preferences when providing our reviews, but we depend on verified information and accurate data. Therefore, you will find that all evidence and reviews available on our website are impartial and objective, which guarantees that you will obtain accurate information and that you can then use it in the way you see fit.

  1. Sharing is caring

As gambling enthusiasts, we don’t care about abstract information but players. We believe that all our readers should receive accurate, actionable information that contributes to a high-quality gaming experience

Why can you trust us?

As mentioned above, we prioritize the safety of our player community, so we provide accurate and impartial information, and every casino goes through a comprehensive and rigorous evaluation process before we write a review. We only recommend to our community casinos with a high level of security and reliability and comply with all legal requirements that guarantee players a hassle-free gaming experience. Therefore, when we try any casino and don’t find it interesting, we do not recommend it to our community.

When all is said and done, our reputation is of paramount importance to us and cannot be waived, so we will always give you 100% real and honest reviews.

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